How to prevent injuries and potential fire hazards and explosions from Pyrotechnics


What distinguishes humans from animals in hand anatomy is the ability to do thumb-opposition.

Don't miss out on this unique ability to use New Year's joys!

Each person has their own and unique fingerprint. Pyrotechnics can eliminate this unique part of you!

Nails can sometimes reflect a person's health. Changes in color, texture or fragility are important indicators of mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Don't let these indicators get lost when you use explosives!

With the help of nail coloring, doctors can measure the level of oxygen in the circulation of the human body. Nails are an important hand structure, and very easily vulnerable to firecrackers.

Our fingers are more sensitive to the eyes. The end of our fingers has a large number of receptors that send signals to our brains. Protect and do not use firecrackers that could harm these important structures!

One third of all acute body injuries at the Emergency Center involve hands! The use of pyrotechnics during the New Year holidays increases this number!





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